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About Dolce Studio Films

Dolce Studio Films is an award winning company that specializes in fresh event filmmaking. We focus on capturing not just the public performance aspect of your day, but also the joy, the attitude, the mood and the impermanent sweetness of life. We then take those captured moments in time and artfully create a permanent motion picture window to your past. Our goal is to have you smiling, laughing, grow quietly serious and sigh deeply with content while watching your film. It is our honor and privilege to be celebrating our 10th season as special event filmmakers serving the nation's capital.

Allow us to capture your sweet life.

If your project is not event-related, please contact the studio by phone or email to discuss the particulars of your project and to receive a custom price quote. We film corporate events, conferences, marketing and promotional videos, live performances and more.

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You can expect us to be as unobtrusive as possible on site in order to capture your events as they unfold naturally. We shoot in a documentary style using equipment that excels at capturing footage in low light conditions without the use of big lights. We employ cinematic editing techniques using Final Cut Pro, the same software used by Hollywood. Your final product can be delivered in innumerable formats including SD, HD, DSLR, Super 8mm, DVD, Blu-Ray and as emailable or uploadable clips. Our standard packages are all Hi-Definition 1080i on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Our services include 1, 2 or 3 camera coverage options. We provide everything from an hour of raw footage to fully-edited multiple day coverage. Our prices range from $979 - $5575. We are happy to customize packages as well.

To order your media kit and price list, click here.

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Meet the Filmmakers

Dolce Studio Films is a group of professional shooters and editors who appreciate how special your day is to you. We're friendly and fun and we care about your memories. While each of us brings our own personality to your project, the filming and editing style is strongly united under the studio's collaborative aesthetic. This results in films that capture the sentiment of the moment while remaining consistent in standard and quality from one film to the next.

We look forward to working with you! Please click on a photo to read our bios and learn more about us.

Haynal Papp

owner, dolce studio films


Haynal Papp is the owner and founder of Dolce Studio Films and creator of Me&You Video. An artist, history buff and traveler, she found direction for her passions and energy in video documentary. She is involved in every aspect of the business, from talking with clients before the wedding, to shooting the wedding and editing the video. A perfectionist, she has put together a strong collaboration of artists, represented here.

"Dolce Studio Films is the culmination of my experiences as an artist, student of history and a traveler. As an artist, I am always shooting with composition, lighting and movement in mind. As a student of social history, I shoot to tell the story of the day and to immortalize the beauty, emotion and intimacy of the event in a tangible form that can become a family heirloom. As a traveler, I shoot to capture the details of a site and event that locate that place for the couple, in customs, traditions and details that make the space relevant. I love my job because I get to capture the best moments of life on film and give those moments back to those people they mean the most to. As for my team, all I can say is this: Success is the product of many, not one."



Stephanie studied design at Radford University and art at Middlesex University in London. A gifted painter and photographer, she brings an eye for composition to the shoot and has a natural forte for capturing beautiful moments on film. A consummate professional, she is also a winning people-person.

"I simply love weddings, and I say it all the time! I enjoy seeing people so happy and knowing that I am capturing forever on film the day they will remember always. For this reason, I'm always striving to capture the best images of an event.

Whether I'm shooting a mehndi ceremony, or a parent lifting their child's veil, or the flower girl throwing her petals with reckless abandon after the ceremony, you can bet I won't miss the shot. And I love the people end of my job too. After talking to the client, I get a feel for what images they want and how they want to remember the day. I try to put myself in my couple's shoes and capture what they want to see. Having been a bride, I can empathize with the chaos of the day!"



Caitlin received her International Baccaleaurate Certificate in Art, her concentration was the human form. She now channels her artistic energy and her eye for form through the video camera lens, capturing beautiful footage of couples celebrating their special day.

"I love filming. Looking for beautiful composition, form and lighting and doing it all spontaneously while people are engaged with their emotions and the activity and excitement of the day gives me a real thrill. I especially love sharing in the happiness of a wedding day and knowing that my work is a real gift for the couple and for their families."



Ernest graduated from George Mason University in 2003 and has a passion for editing which he brings to the dolce studio films team. Having always been interested in the production side of tv and film he has studied studio production, editing, and field production at Arlington Independent Media as well as receiving editing training from Henninger in Arlington, VA. Ernest has celebrated his talents in numerous interesting and challenging projects. He was Assistant Director and Assistant Editor for one of the films of the 48hour Film Project in Washington DC during 2007. He is also the editor for Verdant Power's Energy Project and created the documentary style promotional video that was screened in the New York's Mayors office to launch an alternative energy initiative using cutting edge technology. Ernest brings his talents to dolce studio films as both a shooter and an editor.

"Life is unique for every individual on earth as seen through their eyes. Film is the only medium that allows you to capture and keep specific portions of your experiences, those you consider special, to be replayed and relived as many times as you'd like throughout your life. Weddings are a moment in time where two individual people have walked separate paths and on that day and at that moment they merge those path into one and the begin to share a journey together. I feel special to be invited to capture this special moment for them. Editing allows me to put together a story that had no script and was 100% genuine and is unique for every single couple. Knowing that your work will be viewed and shown for years to come makes every minute of editing worthwhile."



Liz's interest in video started as an extension of her journalism background, and has quickly become her primary medium. She has produced video content for The Washington Post and Seattle Times websites, and worked with reporters to create multimedia content for KOMU-TV's website. A graduate of American University, Liz received her Master's degree from the University of Missouri's acclaimed journalism school with a Master's in Multimedia Journalism. She employs a documentary style for all of her news work, which has given her the patience to wait for the perfect moment as well as the ability to blend into the background.

"I consider it a privilege to document weddings - I know I get to witness a day that the couple will remember forever. I take such pride in knowing that the details and moments I capture will be a permanent document of the marriage, something to review on anniversaries, holidays, and rainy days for a lifetime."



Kris Unger has been working in video since 2001, with a primary focus on nature documentaries, which he has shot for the Sierra Club and the Potomac Conservancy. He's currently working on a documentary about the Potomac River. He's involved with several local film groups, has participated in DC's popular 48 hour Film Festival and was DP for the short film, Somnium, released in 2002. He is also a shooter for Verdant Power's Energy Project and filmed the documentary style footage used in the promotional video screened by the New York's Mayors office to launch an alternative energy initiative using cutting edge technology."

"I enjoy finding the details of a wedding, the intimate moments. Shooting weddings is a lot like shooting films, but the action is spontaneous, rather than directed. The challenge is to be able to read what's coming next and to be ready for the shot before it happens. I also find that most weddings have a story to them, and as I'm filming, I try to learn that story and tell it through the camera."



Rena graduated with honors from Florida A&M University's broadcast journalism program in 2006. While in college she interned at the university's television station, as well as assisting a production company with their live broadcasts. While working in live productions has prepared her to capture all of the intimate and spontaneous details of a wedding, she discovered that editing was her true passion. It married her love of television production, with her passion for creativity. Her talents were quickly recognized by her college professors when during her junior year, a documentary that she edited was chosen for the schools "Artists in Bloom" Festival. Rena currently works with Discovery Channel in addition to editing for Dolce.

"I love editing... and weddings are one of the most important experiences of our lives. Being in the presence of true love, capturing it, and telling each couples' individual stories is such a significant responsibility, one that I take great pride in."



Natasha graduated from St. Petersburg State University in Russia prior to moving to the USA in 2000, where she completed photography classes at Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington, VA and began her career in digital video documentary. She has worked as a video journalist with two video companies prior to joining the dolce studio films team and has a wealth of on-site experience capturing weddings, mitzvahs, and other special events. She has significant production experience as well, both in editing video and in troubleshooting the technical aspects of the post-production process. Also a professional photographer, Natasha has published her work in the magazine "Clavier" as well as having it published on many websites, including the Loudon Times-Mirror, Eric Himy's webpage and the Sahara Dance website. She has shown her work at the Ellipse Gallery and brings her artistic eye to the events captured by dolce studio films.

"I enjoy being an observer and spending time just looking at people and all things beautiful. A camera is a great excuse for staring! It gives you the freedom to watch and wait and to capture the moments that tell a story. I enjoy the challenge of capturing those special moments, the exchanges between people and the appreciation of a beautiful thing. With video, one has the ability to document movement and the series of frames that brings that moment to fruition."



Erin received a degree in International Studies from the University of Wyoming. Along with her passion for travel and experiencing new cultures, Erin has always had an interest and drive to express herself artistically. Her main medium of interest is painting, which frees her to capture an image while adding a unique twist. Erin now looks to capture what she once saw as a single beautiful moment as a sequence of beautiful moments, through the medium of film.

"I love seeing a couple come together to celebrate their true love with those that matter the most around them. I believe it to be a great privilege to have the opportunity to capture the beautiful and precious moments of a wedding. As a child I loved looking at family photographs of weddings from the different generations and now love having the opportunity to capture those moments on film, moments which become a family heirloom that will last generations."



William Karell graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in May of 2004. He has worked in the DC video production industry for the past seven years working on independent documentaries, music videos, museum exhibit media and political commercials.

It's wonderful to work with these unique and touching moments. I love working with couples to achieve their dream wedding video and I am humbled to be a part of them. It's an honor to be part of these wonderful experiences as well as such a highly sought after video company.



Tracey received her Bachelor of Arts from St. Bonaventure University and Masters degree from Nazareth College. While living in and travelling throughout Europe for three years, she developed a new appreciation for the arts and style trends. As a result, Tracey began to develop her creative side, through jewelry design and fashion. Tracey now uses her creativity to capture memories on film, while enjoying the classic, yet trend setting elements of beautiful weddings.

"I love to capture the uniqueness of each couples' special day. I love to see the details which define the couple and weave a story about their love. I tell their story as they would want it told- in their specific style. I have been a bride, so I know the busyness and excitement of the day. I will work with you to make it stress free!"



Michelle's interest in documentary film was first sparked in 8th grade English class. While her fellow classmates gave oral book reports, Michelle opted to present her report as a mini documentary which ended up becoming infamous among the 8th grade class. Michelle later decided to focus her studies on documentary filmmaking and economics when she attended college. She has worked as an associate producer at Acton Media and as a shooter and editor for independent film projects around the Washington, DC area. Her work has been highlighted by major media organizations such as PBS,, Esquire magazine, and Michelle holds a Masters degree from George Mason University. She has lived in Italy and speaks Italian.

"I can remember back to the first wedding I shot. It left an impression on my soul. I still get goosebumps when I think of the image of the bride catching a tear from her eye as she grasped her husband's hand for the first time. There's something so breathtakingly beautiful about seeing the human love story told through a series of moving images and sounds. Films are beauty. Weddings are beauty. But combining the two is a form of the most magical alchemy."



Shayna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications from Westminster College. During her time at Westminster, she worked as an Executive Producer for Titan Radio while also reporting and anchoring for the college television station. Throughout her career, Shayna interned with a local news station and produced documentaries for non-profit organizations in order to raise awareness for social issues. Before moving to the DC area, Shayna held positions with both a videography and photography company where she grew a passion for capturing weddings.

"Each couple has a unique story that deserves to be told in a beautiful way. I have always enjoyed telling stories and am honored to be involved in the telling of a couple's wedding day story. I love capturing one of the most important days of a person's life through film and then creating a personal documentary that will be cherished for years to come. Providing couples with the memories of their special day is a truly wonderful experience and I am grateful to be a part of that process."



Alyssa graduated from Vassar College in 2008 with a BFA in Film and Italian. She started filmmaking in the Vassar Film Department where she developed a passion for storytelling. Her short film Sleepover was chosen as a finalist in a Calvin Klein International Film Competition in 2007. Alyssa has worked on documentary features including the PBS Helen Whitney special Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate and Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis which premiered at IFF Boston. In television, Alyssa worked on the comedy clip show The Smoking Gun Presents on TruTV and DC 360, a public affairs show about local DC issues. She is currently working on a short film about relationships and plans to submit it to festivals next year.

"I am a romantic and have always been intrigued and excited by stories of true love. I think relationships are the most interesting subject on film and am always excited to have the opportunity to film the events of a wedding day and tell a couple's unique story, whether from behind the lens or during post-production."



Jeremiah grew up with a deep interest in video production and graphic design. He started making commercial parodies with friends in middle school and moved on to filming community events and special projects, eventually starting his own video production business. He attended Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa., where he earned a bachelor's in broadcast communication with a minor in media art. There, he continued event videography, filming weddings and graduations, and created, hosted and produced a campus-centric late-night talk show. After college he moved to D.C. for a graduate program in journalism and public policy at American University. He now works as a digital manager for the Online News Association.

"I love filming weddings because you get these intimate moments, these glimpses, where a couple's love for one another really shines through. It could be a kiss, or a smile or when they're holding hands. More often than not, it's just an unscripted beat where their love radiates in a uniquely visual way. It's so rewarding to capture that love and to share it with them later, through the film."


Press and Praise

Founded by owner Haynal Papp in 2004, the studio won acclaim within its first year of business with its inclusion in the prestigious "Best of" list of wedding vendors featured in Washingtonian Magazine, and now celebrates 10 uninterrupted years on the list! Recipient of "The Knot Best of Weddings: Among the Best Videographers in the Mid-Atlantic Region" for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013 and winner of a WeddingWire "Bride's Choice Award" in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; Dolce Studio Films has also been included in the exclusive Grace Ormonde Platinum List for 2009 and 2010. In 2013, Dolce Studio Films was honored to be chosen as the Best Videographer in Northern VA by Northern Virginia magazine.

To learn more about our awards and our appearances in the press, please click on the hyperlinks below. Don't forget to view our Facebook page and become a fan!

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